Google is rolling out ‘Material You’ design on one of its main Android apps

Google Steadily that “material you‘ More and more designs android App since last few months. We recently incorporated this design scheme into the Google News app for tablet devices. Now, according to a 9to5Google report, Google app on your smartphone.
Back in 2021, Google introduced the Material You design to Pixel devices, enhancing the previous Material look. A new approach in aesthetics reveals plans to create a streamlined look for Google products across devices.

Google’s ‘Material You’ app rolls out to limited users
As announced at launch, Google’s strategy for Material You design is a gradual rollout across the Google ecosystem. It looks like the latest app to make a makeover is the Google app, as the Material You version is up for those with beta access to the app. More precisely, the design update comes in version 14.4 of the app.

The new design of the Google app brings these changes
The first thing users will notice is that the Material You update has replaced the dynamic color accent in the bottom menu with a simple blue accent. Furthermore, a round indicator is adopted for the lower icon,[検索]They are arranged according to the shape of the search filter on the tab. A new Material You-themed toggle appears throughout the app.

Moving on, the Dark Mode settings screen now appears in a deeper shade of black. There’s also been a neat change to make the options listed easier to read – more clarity between them. Thanks to separation.
Additionally, the inner section contains an account switcher, ‘search history’, ‘delete in the last 15 minutes’, ‘results about you’ and finally ‘reminders’. Speaking of the account switcher, users can now tap their profile avatar to view it in Material You designed with dynamic colors.
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