Google has an easter egg for The Last of Us, here’s what it does

Google search It doesn’t just search for user queries. Periodically, we continue to add interesting details to our pop culture search term results page. From his popular ’90s TV series ‘Friends’ to his 2022 superhero movie ‘The Batman’, the search giant has provided Easter eggs for many trending search queries so far.Recently added to another list, among the popularity of “”Last of Us‘ TV series.
Those familiar with the franchise will know the plot importance of fungi in The Last of Us.newly added Google Easter Egg Pick this element from the series and add an interesting effect.

Last of Us Google Easter Egg Details
Users can launch the Easter egg by simply searching “The Last of Us” on Google. Easter eggs appear as “mushroom” buttons at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on that button triggers an animation showing the germs spreading on the search results page. Every time I click the button, it looks like the fungus is growing rapidly across the page. The user can click the “x” button to undo this easter egg effect. Like most of Google’s Easter eggs, it works on both PC and mobile, though it looks creepy on the latter.
The aforementioned animation is a clear reference to the Cordyceps virus seen throughout the TV series. It’s central to the story, and it’s as terrifying as the Easter egg portrays. Some Twitter users called the Easter egg “creepy” while others described it as cool. bottom.

The Last of Us is an HBO Max TV series based on Naughty Dog’s game of the same name. Co-director and story writer of the original game, Neil Druckmann It was also part of the production of the show. The series has not only scored a Google Easter egg, but it has also been very well received on his websites such as Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes.
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