Google Clock on Pixel Devices Now Allows You to Record Your Own Alarm Sounds

Google is updating the Clock app on Pixel devices to make it easier to record and use your own sounds for alarms and timers.

As reported by XDA Developer, version 7.3 of the Clock app has now been updated to include the new Recording feature, as a new “New Recording” option will be available in the Alarm and Timer sound settings. , you can see that the device received the (server-side) update.

If you want to use your own sounds,[新規録音]Tap to show the Recorder app, ready to accept audio. After recording, you can set it as alarm or timer sound.

Since the Recorder app is exclusive to Pixel devices, this is not a feature found on other Android phones and tablets. Of course, it could prove popular enough for Google to decide to offer similar functionality more generally.

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