Google Chrome for Android gets new track price shopping feature

Some online shoppers have noticed a new price tracking feature in Google Chrome for Android. Recent reports This new feature is available now for US online shoppers. This feature tracks the lowest price for selected items for those who shop in our Chrome for Android app.

Monitor the price of user-selected items and update when the price changes. This ensures that users do not miss discounts on their favorite products at various online stores. Here’s everything you need to know about this new shopping tool.

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Learn more about price tracking in Google Chrome for Android

The new Tracked Prices feature is specifically for shopping in Google Chrome.This feature is available only in the Android version of Google Chrome appThere is currently no news about its presence in Google Chrome for iOS devices. But it’s also possible that it will move to iOS soon.

Users can only use this feature on eligible websites and pages. Online shopping stores such as Best Buy, eBay, and Amazon are loaded with the Track Pricing feature. Users will be able to access this functionality when they load the sale page for a particular item.

in Google Chrome android, The price tracker button is located next to the search tab at the top of your browser interface. There is a bell icon, tapping which will allow the app to track the prices of the items sold on the loaded page. Once the user taps this icon, you should follow up by toggling the price tracking option.

This toggle option says ‘Get an alert if the price drops on any site’. Toggling on allows users to receive notifications when the price of a particular item drops. Surprisingly, this notification is sent when the price of a particular product drops on a shopping site.

This is possible because Google tracks products on various shopping websites. This feature is rolling out to users of Google Chrome for Android in the US. As soon as it becomes available, users may use it to obtain the latest price reductions on items sold on various shopping websites.

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