Google Brings ‘Uninterrupted Listening’ To Android Devices – channelnews

Google has announced upcoming features for Android 13. This makes it easy to switch audio between headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and anywhere else you’re roaming.

Called “Uninterrupted Listening,” this feature is designed for people who wander into a room with speakers plugged in and listen on their phones or earbuds.

The user receives a notification prompting them to start listening on their speakers. This allows for easy transitions when moving between living spaces.

“Through notifications on your device, you can tap to start listening to podcasts in your car, continue on your phone and headphones, and finish on your TV at home,” Google explains in a blog post.

“As you move between physical locations, you will see these media notifications on your phone or other device asking if you would like to transfer audio to nearby devices. We are working with Spotify and YouTube Music to bring these We use notifications to ensure that users can enjoy what they’re streaming on the best available device.”

According to Google, this welcome feature will definitely help reduce the amount of phone calls currently required to move from speakers to earbuds and back to phones, and will be coming to Android 13 devices “later this year.” It is scheduled to be

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