Google brings locking Incognito tabs on Chrome for Android

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Jan 27, 2023 23:13 teeth

Washington [US]January 27 (ANI): American technology conglomerate Google has revealed that the Chrome for Android browser has added a new feature that allows users to lock incognito tabs when they leave the app.
According to tech news website GSM Arena, the new privacy settings will allow users to unlock these tabs with a screen lock using biometrics, a PIN, or a pattern.

This new feature is pretty straightforward. If Chrome is open and the user wants to use an incognito tab after the phone is locked, a prompt will appear on the screen to confirm access using the preferred screen unlock method. The public tab will continue to be public, according to GSM Arena.
This feature is very useful on devices where you don’t want others to know what multiple people are viewing. This is the closest Chrome for Android has come to different profiles for different users.
Google says the feature is still rolling out, according to GSM Arena, so some users may have to wait a bit to get their hands on it. Chrome for Data Privacy Day shared tips and published updates to stay safe. (ANI)

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