Google brings biometric incognito tab lock to Chrome for Android

Google continues to add new features to the Chrome mobile browser. Some are taken directly from the desktop version and some are available independently on mobile phones. For example, with the latest privacy and security additions, you can lock your incognito session when you leave Chrome deployed for Android. Phone as we speak.

Similar to iOS, if you want to re-enter an incognito tab on Android, you can require biometric authentication. Google. On Android, the option is almost always a fingerprint identification request before attempting to read a secret incognito tab.

How to set fingerprint protection for incognito tabs in Chrome for Android

  1. Tap the three dots in the top right corner in Chrome for Android.
  2. [設定]Tap Menu.
  3. Select Privacy & Security.
  4. [Chrome を閉じるときにシークレット タブをロックする]Turn on the option.

In this way, anyone who wants to resume an interrupted incognito session would first have to enter the biometric authentication method pre-configured on Android to read the contents of the tab, a possible violation of privacy or security. is further minimized.

Google introduced this new incognito session lock feature as part of our 5 tips to keep your Chrome session safer online. This is also a reminder that you can use Google Password Manager on iOS, Android, and Desktop. When you sync your passwords with your Google Account, “Your saved passwords can be used in Chrome on your phone or laptop, as well as in Android and iOS apps.‘, Google reminds.

Another new privacy and security tip from Google is the ability to not only remove the footprint of a full Chrome browsing session, such as site visit history, cookies and cache, but also give you more control.

Browsing data can be cleared entirely or only during specific timeframes that we believe are the most sensitive to revealing your browsing habits. You can also delete individual items such as entries. Google says:Clear browsing dataInstead of fiddling with options in settings, you can type directly into Chrome’s address bar.

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