Google adds Lens to the Google Site on Android

Google has implemented Lens in so many different places in its ecosystem that it shows no sign of stopping. After more than five years on the market, Google Lens has finally landed on his Google website on his Android.

Google introduced Lens at Google I/O 2017. Back then, it was its own separate app. The company expected people to go there when they wanted to search the world. In recent years, however, it exists more appropriately as an ancillary service implemented in other apps.

For example, Lens is deeply integrated into Google Photos. While viewing a photo, you can activate Lens to scan that image. Lenses are also implemented in his Google Image search in Chrome browser. Right-click an image to enable Lens and scan that image directly from your computer.

Lens finally comes to Google on Android

Accessing Google Lens using an Android phone is already pretty easy, but that doesn’t mean the company can’t offer even more ways to access the service. When you open Google using your mobile browser, you’ll see the Google Lens shortcut. This will replace the microphone he icon and perform a voice search.

After pressing the Google Lens icon, a small square popup will appear in the middle of the screen. Then go directly to the app. This feature is different from using Google Lens in Google Photos. Using Lens on Photos will scan the photos you have on your phone. However, using Lens in your Android browser jumps directly to the standalone Google Lens app.

So if you want a quick scan of what you see on your screen with Google Lens, you’ll need to take a screenshot. Still, it’s nice to have one more shortcut to access Google Lens in case you need it right away.

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