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There’s a lot of good news for Android users and developers as Google’s Play Store can now distinguish between real users and bots.

As you may have already noticed, the Play Store is at the heart of every Android smartphone sold today. I also agree that it’s great in terms of customer service but the app developer on the platform still gives him access to one generic dashboard the whole idea is to keep different apps at their best to micro-manage.

Google has been looking for ways to improve security and privacy for some time, but they’ve introduced something really new and cool in the form of the ability to distinguish between users and bots. And with the number of bots growing as we speak, it makes sense where all this is coming from.

The announcement was made at Google I/O last year and brought the Play Integrity API to the attention of developers across the board. One of the major announcements was this new feature to prevent damaging traffic intrusion and warn about compromised devices.

Google has been eyeing this for some time as a new replacement for another feature that hasn’t been implemented called Safety Net. The news looks promising and developers can easily tell the real from the fake. This particular API becomes dependent on the user’s own her Play Store activities, etc. designed to fall into one of his six categories under specific disciplines according to: Mishaal Rahman.

And this new identification system comes with some great tools that continue to be installed across the board by all sorts of users depending on tonight’s traffic from less authentic sources like bot farms. I’m here.

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