Giveaways for 100 Lucky Owners of Magicycle Deer Full Suspension Ebikes

February 22, 2023, Ontario, Calif. ( – Almost a month has passed since the release of the Magicycle Deer Ebike SUV. I’m sure many of you really enjoyed the livestream and have already received your prizes from Magicycle.

Well, as for those who weren’t selected for the giveaway, don’t worry, Magiccycle will never let each customer down. $200Well, we have a limited number of these gifts, so let’s save some time and see how you can get one of them.

The rules are very simple. Simply share at least 5 photos or 1 video of Magicycle Deer on Magicycle. Of course, you can also provide both videos and photos. So basically you need Magicycle Deer. For those of you still hesitating, here’s a reminder: $300(Code: FH300) The discount is valid until the end of this you can get $700 Discount coupon code when you buy 2 Magicycle Deers NA700.

Getting back to the point, we set some basic standards for photos and videos. First, when it comes to photos, each one must have at least one person in her. Of course, the bike itself must also be included. If you choose to send photos, the number must be at least 5.

You are welcome to send us your photos at any time if you wish. Then you can shoot a video of yourself riding the Magiccycle Dee. The length of the video he should be at least 2 minutes. After filming, please attach a link to Magiccycle Deer and post it on any available social platform.

Before providing these materials, please note that by default all materials you provide are licensed for commercial use by Magicycle. Once everything is done, send us your photo or video link via: To receive a mysterious gift.

All rights reserved Magic Cycle

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