Girl Power Talk’s Budding Scientists Find Early Asteroids

Mohali, Punjab, January 5, 2023 ( – The International Asteroid Exploration Program 2022 was a month-long campaign organized by the International Astronomical Exploration Coordination (IASC). Many students from India and around the world have participated in citizen science programs that provide high quality astronomical data to citizen scientists around the world.

As part of the program, citizen scientists participate in real, hands-on astronomy, including making unique discoveries, such as discovering asteroids and Near-Earth Objects (NEOs).

Two students from girl power project Umeed talk in collaboration with IASC. Participated in search. Students received training from her Smartcircuits Innovation Pvt experts. Ltd. Mohali’s Government Primary School young researchers Naina and Ruby discovered her two early asteroids under this project. Their findings are displayed on the International Astronomy Search Collaboration (IASC) site.

“It’s a common misconception that you need a telescope to see and identify asteroids. We used NASA-recommended software, and it helps,” says Naina.

According to the Smartcircuits Innovation team, NASA regularly launches IASC-like programs to track such asteroids. NASA has a special telescope in Hawaii and regularly takes pictures of the sky. These photos will be sent to participants as part of this program. Students used advanced software analytics and spent close to 4-6 hours each day. It took them about a month to search for the asteroid and report their results.

“We can process the photos with software and see parts of space that have been photographed. By studying it, we can identify objects in motion,” Ruby said. rice field.

Once the moving object is identified, we need to perform some tests to identify it. “A detailed report will be sent to NASA throughout the campaign, and after a preliminary investigation, it will be subject to preliminary approval.

“Preliminary discoveries” are only the first discoveries of asteroids, and it takes about a year from observation until some of them are confirmed as tentative discoveries and officially recorded. His two asteroids identified by them were temporarily he named P11CfUL, P21BMhQ. After NASA has studied them in detail and determined their orbits, sizes, speeds, etc., they are officially named.

About Project Umeeda –

Umeed is an initiative formed in 2020 by Girl Power USA in partnership with Girl Power Talk. After enduring several hurdles such as the pandemic, curriculum development, gaining trust from parents and gathering resources, our vision to start Umeed School for Underprivileged Children in India office has come to fruition after lockdown. We invite children to our internal school twice a week to empower them by interacting with and learning from our team. I am aiming. This initiative will not only transform lives, but also address the inequalities that limit our ability to learn. Evolve your student’s outlook on life and build confidence to offer unique opportunities.

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