GetJop partners with ZapScale to enable better customer visibility

The innovative OKR platform aims to drive customer retention and upselling on ZapScale’s Customer Success Platform.

FAIRVIEW, N.J., March 21, 2023 ( – ZapScale Inc. is delighted and honored to announce that it has signed with GetJop as a Customer Success Partner. This partnership allows GetJop to keep track of all his CS activities and take proactive action to help customers reach their goals.

By providing accurate, evidence-based customer health scores, as well as automated alerts and predictive churn analysis, ZapScale enables GetJop’s team to proactively identify and resolve customer pain points simply and efficiently. increase.

“We are very excited to partner with GetJop and their amazing team. GetJop was able to onboard ZapScale in just five hours and was able to track the health of their customers and users from day one.”, Manasij Ganguli, co-founder and CEO of ZapScale, said:. “With the level of professionalism, knowledge and collaboration displayed by the GetJop team, we are confident ZapScale will be able to ensure that customers continue to derive value from their platform.”

Gaurav Sabharwal, Founder and CEO of GetJop, commented: “In the current economic climate, as a SaaS CEO, retention and upselling is one of my main goals. Did.”

Gauraf continues, “The solution is very intuitive, has lightning-fast adoption, and adds tremendous visibility. Our CS team uses built-in health KPIs to meet CS goals and Boarding was amazingly fast, just one day.”

The goal of this partnership is to enable GetJop’s organic and sustainable growth while minimizing churn and increasing customer satisfaction.


About ZapScale:

Headquartered in Delaware, USA, ZapScale is a customer success platform for B2B SaaS businesses. ZapScale empowers customer success heroes to effectively monitor and manage customers. With 150 data points from 6 data sources, ZapScale provides accurate, evidence-based, guesswork-free customer health scores. Automated alerts and predictive churn analysis make it easy and efficient to proactively identify and resolve customer pain points.

About GetJop:

GetJop is a SaaS company committed to accelerating growth for businesses and their employees. This is done through OKRs and employee engagement platforms. OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) is an objective management framework popularized by Google in the 1990s. GetJop enables organizations to align company goals with those of their people, so they can execute strategy faster and maximize their performance potential.

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