Galaxy S23 could cost up to 20% more than Galaxy S22

After some dilemmas, Samsung seems to have finalized the pricing structure for the Galaxy S23 series. Unfortunately, it’s bad news for consumers. New rumors emerging from South Korea say that the new Samsung flagships will be significantly more expensive than their respective predecessors.

According to new rumors, Samsung plans to sell the base Galaxy S23 model for KRW 1,199,000 (currently around US$960). The Galaxy S23+ starts at KRW 1,397,000 (about US$1,120), while the Galaxy S23 Ultra starts at KRW 1,599,400 (about US$1,285). If true, we expect a price increase of 10-20% from last year. The Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+ and Galaxy S22 Ultra debuted in Samsung’s home country at retail prices of KRW 999,900, KRW 1,199,000 and KRW 1,452,000 respectively.

As you can see, the base model of the Galaxy S23 has seen the most price increases. It’s now about the same price as last year’s Plus model. The global inflation crisis and rising component prices may have increased Samsung’s manufacturing costs. Leaving retail prices on the new flagships alone could have taken a big profit hit for the company.

That said, these are not official numbers.Perhaps this is the first leak of its kind to get exact retail prices for each Galaxy S23 model. @OreXda, sources claim to have obtained the information from South Korean wireless operator SK Telecom. However, we recommend that you do not take this information at face value. We’ll have to wait for a more reliable source to confirm the Galaxy S23’s pricing structure.

We may soon get confirmation of the price of the Galaxy S23

However, the wait may not be that long. Samsung has already confirmed his long-rumored February 1st launch date for the Galaxy S23 trio. While it has not issued a press release, the official website erroneously revealed the date of the next Galaxy Unpacked event. A grand moment is coming,” was attached to the catchphrase.

With just over three weeks left until the big event, the leaks regarding the Galaxy S23 series should start getting thicker and faster soon. Maybe that’s fine with all the free promotions it’s getting.

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