Galaxy laptops running Windows 11 will run Android apps better, thanks to Android 13 WSA update

As you may know, Windows 11 can run Android apps. This functionality is enabled by a virtualization layer called WSA (Windows Subsystem for Android). Originally, WSA was based on Android 11. A few months ago Microsoft updated WSA to Android 12 and then Android 12L. A few weeks ago Microsoft announced that it would upgrade WSA to Android 13.

Microsoft announced in a Github post that it is rolling out an update to the Windows Subsystem for Android. This update (2211.40000.7.0) upgrades the Android version of WSA to Android 13. At this time, this update is only available to Windows 11 users enrolled in the Windows Subsystem for Android Preview Program. WSA stable may get an Android 13 update in the coming months.

So how does this update benefit Windows 11’s ability to run Android apps? Android 13 brings many new features to applications to improve the user experience, and apps can use Android’s You can implement these features using API 33. By API 33.

According to Microsoft, Windows 11 can open Android apps up to 50% faster than before. However, this performance boost only applies to devices that use his SSD for storage. In addition, there are a number of on-board performance and reliability improvements. Here is the full changelog posted by Microsoft:

  • Windows Subsystem for Android updated to Android 13
  • Added new command to shutdown WSA for automation
  • Improved boot performance (50%, P10 case)
  • Improved mouse click input
  • Improved clipboard stability
  • Improved application resizing
  • Upgrade to Intel Bridge Technology for Android 13
  • Improved reliability of media files opened in Windows
  • Jumplist entries for applications that support app shortcuts

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