Futuristic Avant-Garde Footwear : Avant-Garde Footwear

Balmain and Space Runners have teamed up to create a futuristic, avant-garde footwear collection of the popular Unicorn sneaker model. Sneakers include the NFT collection.

Both brands have developed several NFT versions of Balmain’s signature sneakers. Each contains a redeemable code that unlocks the consumer to receive a physical pair. Space Runners co-founder and CEO Won Soh said of the collaboration: Balmain. “

The shoe collection consists of five different colors for consumers to choose from. The footwear looks like a futuristic spaceship from fictional stories. It boasts a bold design with thick cushioning and a sole that juts out to the sides. In addition, the shoe materials are a combination of rubber, neoprene and smooth leather. For purchase details, the consumer will receive an email link to claim her Unicorn Digital Collectible NFT. This NFT allows exclusive access to the world of Balmain and early access to her future Balmain releases and other accessories. The Balmain x Space Runners Unicorn collection can be purchased with your credit/debit card or his ETH cryptocurrency.

Image Credit: Balmain

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