Functional Flying Cars : a5 evtol

ASKA showcased the A5 eVTOL, a functional flying car prototype. This is VTOL. This means it can take off and land vertically, similar to a helicopter or rotary engine jet. The car was shown in a fully functional condition capable of driving, taking off and flying.

The Asuka A5 eVTOL needs a speed of 105 km/h to level off, which is achieved in less than 5 seconds. This means that the A5 needs a small runway of just 76 meters. The company says the plane’s vehicle aspect is not a gimmick, and in fact, the electric car’s engine accelerates much faster than a dedicated plane’s propeller, making it more cost-effective. Designed specifically for the A5 eVTOL, everything from weight to power is tailored specifically for this vehicle.

ASKA’s next goal for the A5 is driving and flight certification, so we are currently working with NHTSA and the FAA.

Image credit: ASKA

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