Four months in, here’s where I was wrong about the Apple Watch Ultra

Four months after Colin Jenkins’ first review of the Apple Watch Ultra, much of his opinion has changed, and many of the issues that initially plagued him have turned out not to be so bad. At the same time, there were features that Jenkins thought were great, but ended up being more cumbersome than useful for him.

apple watch ultra

Colin Jenkins of Connect the Watts:

My biggest criticism of the Apple Watch Ultra, being a sports watch, was the lack of useful navigation. Apple’s new compass with waypoints was (and still is) clumsy to use. Footpath allows you to create, save and download offline routes and get turn-by-turn driving directions. And importantly, unlike other apps I’ve tried, you can take advantage of this navigation feature to track your workouts in other workout apps.

One of the things I didn’t touch on much in my initial review was the Apple Watch Ultra’s ability to make calls, send text messages, play downloaded music, and listen without a phone. . Having said that, I was very disappointed with the sports features, so I didn’t get to enjoy these “smartwatch” features as much.

I’ve found that the more I use my Apple Watch Ultra, the more useful all of this becomes. I don’t like running with my phone if I don’t have one, but I often carry my phone with me in emergencies (or often because I want to keep listening to audiobooks). Unlike other sports watches, Apple lets you do all of this seamlessly.

After 4 months of use, I can confidently say that the Apple Watch Ultra has grown on me. I think the Apple Watch Ultra is perfect for almost everything else.

MacDailyNews takes: Such as Jenkins’ specific issue with action buttons (he’s triggering buttons unintentionally), and great ideas Apple should implement (allowing users to disable action buttons in focus settings). There is much more information throughout the article.

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