Floor23 Digital Announces the “Rid the Rocket” Challenge in collaboration with NASA Tournament Lab

Rid the Rocket Challenge aims to crowdsource solutions for the colorimetric detection of hydrazine and monomethylhydrazine (MMH).

January 12, 2023, Germantown, Wisconsin (Issuewire.com) – Floor23 Digital announces a new challenge competition in collaboration with the NASA Tournament Lab. Rid the Rocket is a crowd-based competition seeking submissions on innovative methods for building new chemical detection methods. Detecting hydrazine/MMH is an important flight safety procedure because it is highly toxic, dangerous, and highly volatile. Hydrazine/MMH can cause serious health problems such as eye damage, burns and shortness of breath. The goal of this challenge is to produce a certified solution that will be tested at NASA’s White Sands test facility in Las Cruces, Mexico.

Floor23 will run a three-stage (Concept, Prototype, Demonstration) challenge and prize competition to meet NASA’s need for new screening methods to detect hydrazine/MMH. The total prize pool for this challenge is $47,000 in prize money.

Phase 1 is the conceptual phase. Competitors are now asked to submit concept proposals describing new detection methods.

Phase 2 is the prototype phase, inviting the winners of phase 1 to submit their actual prototypes. Competitors are incentivized based on two milestones. One of the incentives is the Preliminary Judging Milestone, where selected participants can submit their readiness and plan to complete the prototype. Incentive 2 is ready for the participant to ship the product before the deadline.

The final phase is the demonstration phase, during which participants must send their prototypes to NASA’s White Sands test facility for testing.

“This challenge is part scientific, part physical nature of the device, coupled with its importance to the safety and efficiency of space, this is a great opportunity for the brightest minds in the world to participate. It has become.” Floor23 Digital CEO Candace said:

Rid the Rocket Challenge incentives include:

  • Total prize pool up to $47,000.
  • Opportunity for winners to meet with NASA’s materials and components team to share their solutions live.
  • Global recognition for your contributions through social media, press releases, and demo days.

Rid the Rocket, Phase 1 begins submissions on January 3, 2023 and ends on February 14, 2023. Please see https://www.floor23digital.com/ridtherocket for more information on submissions, guidelines, and rules. Join our community to be notified about this challenge and other opportunities.

If you think we have what it takes to remove these dangerous substances from your rockets, please contact us! We look forward to hearing from you!

About Floor23 Digital: Floor23 is a technology company with a suite of open innovation platforms that solve product, process and engagement problems through cloud-based challenges and participant education. Floor23’s mission is to enable humans to experience limitless growth expressed so powerfully that it quantum-transforms organizational and financial success.


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