Fish Pic Dating App Bans : Fish Pics

The leading dating app, Tinder, is against the infamous ‘fish pics’. After conducting a recent survey, the app found that 92% of him in singles reported that they “feel sick” when encountering potential matching fish photos. As a result, Tinder is introducing a new initiative to remove all fish photos from his profile within 24 hours of this announcement.

The new policy makes Tinder the first dating app in history to go “fish free” and aims to encourage members to be more creative with their profile pictures. By removing the fish photos, Tinder hopes to foster genuine connections between users and create a more authentic dating experience.

To further enhance your profile and help you find compatible matches, Tinder also shares 9 tips to increase your profile integrity score. These tips are designed to help users express their best selves and attract more meaningful connections.

As a socially responsible platform, Tinder is committed to providing a positive and inclusive dating experience for all users. Removing fish photos from her profile is just one step for her to reach this goal. The app continues to explore innovative ways to foster authentic connections and help users find meaningful relationships.

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