Fire Emblem Engage Already Running On Android Thanks To Skyline

If you want to play Fire Emblem Engage but don’t have a Nintendo Switch, you can find a solution on Reddit, where users have sharded their impressive emulation results into posts.Fire Emblem Engage Android runs at a very smooth 60 FPS.

Unfortunately, gameplay shows some graphical artifacts that take up part of the screen. However, I am confident that with a little time and work the game will be perfectly playable.

Fire Emblem Engage is the latest entry in the Fire Emblem franchise, released just four days ago on January 24th. Like its previous entries, this is a tactical role-playing game that focuses on an extensive campaign that builds on the lore of previous games.

the phone behind the results

The Reddit user who posted the gameplay shared the phone model, and it comes as no surprise that the phone in question is a Redmagic 7S Pro.

Although not the latest model, the Redmagic 7S Pro still has strong specs. Most notable is the Snapdragon 8+ chipset, which most likely contributes to the emulator’s smooth performance.

some artifacts here and there

The gameplay certainly looks promising, but there are some artifacts that hamper the emulation. . But this is nothing new.

If you’re used to emulating new games, you’ll notice graphical bugs and glitches appearing in new ports. But don’t worry. These are typically refined by developers after a few weeks. A fully playable version of the game may be right there!

The fact that this emulation was done through Skyline gives us even more confidence. The Skyline team has always been at the top of the Switch emulation scene with frequent updates and improvements.

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