Finally, the Google News app for tablets gets Material You integration

Ann update The Google News app for tablets has an integration with Material You. This is a welcome improvement as the application was on the waiting list to get these beautification features. But why the delay in integrating Material You functionality into news apps?

Well, Google is slowly granting access to this feature to various apps, and once Material You became available on Android 12, most Google apps started integrating it into their designs. This feature helps to unify the primary colors of the app interface with the overall theme of the device.

However, the rollout is a gradual process and Other Google apps Get it over time. Material You is now integrated into the Google News app for tablets. Let’s take a look at all the changes that come with this app upgrade.

Redesigned Google News app for tablets with Material You integration

The news app update for tablets includes many great new features. These include a revamped design and layout changes for buttons and navigation rails.Details about this tablet app redesign were shared on Google News telegram channel.

This upgrade comes with Material Design 3 components. This allows a container with rounded corners to separate the header from the navigation rail. The search bar also got a new rounded design, helping to unify the user interface.

The navigation rail that was based on the tablet version of Google’s News app is now in the left corner. This makes it more accessible for landscape tablet users. These improvements are visible only when the tablet is in landscape orientation.

Users of the Google News app for tablets will be able to take advantage of these upgrades. Just visit the Play Store and install the app update. The mobile Google News app may also be updated with Material You integration.

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