FCC proposes record-breaking fine for auto warranty scam robocall campaign

On Wednesday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced it was proposing a record $299.997 million fine for large-scale auto warranty fraud robocall campaigns. This maneuver has resulted in his over 5 billion calls to over 500 million phone numbers with over 1 million caller ID numbers in just three months in 2021. That’s enough to make 15 calls of her to everyone in the United States. Exactly three months.

Roy Cox Jr. and Michael Aaron Jones, along with other domestic and international entities, operate through Sumco Panama. In July 2021, the FCC issued its first-ever “K4 Notice” and “N2 Order” directing all US phone providers to stop carrying traffic related to auto warranty fraud calls. As a result, according to spam-blocking app RoboKiller, the volume of such calls has dropped by a whopping 99% since June, the FCC wrote.

Although the use of robocalls is not necessarily illegal, the FCC proposed the fine because it found that robocalls met the criteria for “egregious violations.” Many consumers describe the calls they receive as “constant” and “harassing.” Robocallers also used dirty practices such as calling health care workers from spoofed hospital phone numbers. Additionally, the group violated multiple FCC rules, including failing to identify the caller at the beginning of the message.

FCC Efforts to Fight Robocalls and Protect Consumers

The FCC has been cracking down on robocall fraud for years, and this proposed fine is just the latest example of their efforts to protect consumers from this type of deceptive and fraudulent activity. If you receive a suspected fraudulent robocall, the FCC recommends hanging up and reporting it to the agency. To do this, file a complaint on her website with the FCC.

Additionally, the FCC has implemented several measures to address this issue. This includes the Do Not Call Registry, which allows people to opt out of receiving telemarketing calls, and the Truth in Caller ID Act, which makes the use of false or misleading callers illegal. included. Anything that steals or damages identity information.

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