Fairfield PD deploys technology to enhance relationships

Newark, N.J., March 24, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – The Fairfield Police Department is pleased to announce the launch of a revolutionary technology. Fairfield PD purchased Atlas One to enhance communication and engagement with the community. The platform offers a range of innovative features designed to foster collaboration between law enforcement and residents to create a safer, more connected Fairfield.

The Atlas One platform allows community members to easily report incidents, access real-time crime data, and receive important updates directly from the Fairfield Police Department. Atlas One streamlines the flow of information between the public and law enforcement by providing an easy-to-use interface and seamless integration with existing communication channels.

“Fairfield Police Department is committed to building strong relationships with our community and believes Atlas One will play a key role in achieving that goal. We are in an unprecedented and challenging time and we are striving to stay ahead of the curve.” Fairfield Police Chief Anthony Mana said, “This innovative platform will allow us to work more effectively with our residents. We are excited to be the first agency in New Jersey to purchase and deploy this explosive technology.”

In addition to facilitating communication, Atlas One empowers community members to play an active role in public safety by providing tools for neighborhood watch, crime prevention tips, and the ability to provide anonymous information to law enforcement. make it possible.

Atlas One was purchased by the Fairfield Police Foundation. Sergeant Ralph Casendino, Liaison for the Fairfield Police Foundation, said:

Fairfield Police Department believes that adopting Atlas One will enhance trust and cooperation between law enforcement and the community, making Fairfield a safer and more vibrant city for all residents.

About Fairfield Police Department:

As members of the Fairfield Police Department, we are committed to providing quality service to meet the diverse needs of our communities.

We recognize the need to take leadership roles in law enforcement, education, home preparedness, and emergency medical services to address quality of life issues.

We aim to build partnerships with all members of our community to maintain order while giving dignity and respect to all individuals.

With confidence in our society and respect for our work ethic, we strive to protect and serve with excellence.

For more information about the Atlas One platform, or for inquiries about the Fairfield Police Department, please contact us at:

For police stations:

Officer Stacy Chiarolanza, Public Relations Officer – Fairfield, NJ

Police Station Phone: (973) 227-1400

Email: Schiarolanza@fairfieldnj.org

Website: https://www.fairfieldpolicenj.org/

For Atlas One:

Justin Insalaco, Strategy Advisor

Phone: (908) 692-4139

Email: justin.insalaco@atlas.one

Website: https://www.atlas.one

media contact

Atlas One


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