Exciting iPhone 15 Milestone, Surprise M2 Pro Results, iPhone’s Missing Apps

This week’s Apple Loop includes a look back at another week of news and headlines from Cupertino, including the latest MacBook Pro reviews, M2 Pro chip testing, Mac Mini reviews, Apple’s old iPhone updates, and iPhone 15 updates. Includes Milestones, Apple’s guides. Mixed Reality headsets, and missing apps on iPhone.

The Apple Loop is here to remind you of some of the many, many discussions that have taken place around Apple over the past seven days (and you can read my weekly Android news digest on Forbes ).

MacBook Pro reviews

As the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro laptops hit the general public, those with early access to the hardware are busy benchmarking systems, trying out software, and providing solid reviews. . And they all have the same caveats.

“Do the differences in specs between the M1 and M2 families justify moving to these laptops? For the majority of early reviews, the answer is no. Before upgrading, the more important Wait for release.”


M2 Gibbs, M2 Takeaway

The raw performance of the M2 chipset is reflected in much of the coverage of the new MacBook Pro laptops launched last week. A closer look at our review unit showed performance improvements in other areas, including significantly improved read/write speeds to SSDs.

“Tested a 16″ MacBook Pro, machine with 2TV’s of storage, running the M2 chipset, and using Blackmagic disc benchmarking software, write speeds improved despite slightly lower read speeds. I understand that you do.”


The same cannot be said for “entry-level” high-performance machines. Like the cheapest M2 MacBook Air of 2022, it uses a slower configuration of SSD storage.

“On my M2 Pro MacBook Pro, the SSD performance was noticeably degraded, so I looked under the hood to see why. Sure enough, the 512GB M1 Pro MacBook Pro has two SSDs on the front of the motherboard. A NAND chip was visible and another two NAND chips were on the front.On the M2 Pro MacBook Pro, only one was visible on the front of the board.Like the M1, there was a second NAND chip directly opposite this. It may have a NAND chip.”


mini review

With additional options in the M2 and M2 Pro versions of the Mac Mini, Apple finally has a “desktop” machine at a consumer price point well below the price of an iMac or Mac Studio machine. Ars Technica’s team took a closer look at this desktop his machine to finally find a place in the portfolio that consumers can understand.

“The $599 M2 version allows for over 8GB of memory, but even with its specs, it’s still a capable computer for someone who primarily browses and edits documents and occasionally dabbles in photo and video editing from their iPhone. The $1,299 M2 Pro version has plenty of room: extra processor power and memory to satisfy experienced amateurs and price-conscious freelancers, and enough speed to play a game or two. (For a few running on macOS).”


Software update for old iPhones

In the latest wave of updates to the core operating system, the latest version of iOS has been updated to version 15.7.3. There is also an update to iOS 12.5.7. Provides the latest security updates for older Apple devices that cannot run the latest software.

“Apple previously said it would stop providing iOS and iPadOS updates to all devices compatible with iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, but this time it made an exception. Because of the seriousness of the sex.”


iPhone 15 production milestone

Apple’s Chinese partner Foxconn has started the next phase of production for the iPhone 15 family. This is effectively a test run of assembly before everything goes to 11 later this year. Interestingly, the Indian production line is expected to come online just a few weeks after China compared to his 2-3 month gap last year. Apple has apparently confirmed that it has an alternative to China following production issues and continued iPhone 14 delays:

“This stage of the iPhone 15 production process is commonly known as New Product Introduction, or NPI. It precedes the mass production stage later this year, ahead of the phone’s inevitable fall launch. .

(trusted review).

How to use Apple’s mixed reality headset

How will Apple’s mixed reality headsets work in practice? Although the details aren’t public, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggested that hand and eye tracking could be added to the headset as it moves between AR and VR. details how they are integrated.

“The headset has multiple external cameras that can analyze the user’s hands, as well as sensors inside the gadget’s housing that read the eyes. Lets you control the device: icon or list entry — choose.

“Users pinch their thumb and index finger together to activate a task. They don’t need to hold anything. This approach differs from other headsets that typically rely on hand controllers.”


And finally…

Innovation always drives technology forward, but what are we leaving behind? We have a discussion. These historic apps are nowhere to be found today and are nearly impossible to run on today’s hardware.

“Many of the apps featured in the early iPhone and iPod touch commercials no longer exist. Many have never been recreated in the newer app, or rather because I can’t find a 3-player multiplayer foosball game in the App Store, so it’s been 14 years since that app came out. I was.


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