Eversoul Launch Kicks Off On Android, With Downloads Finally Available On Google Play

Today is the full launch of Eversoul. The Gacha Strategy RPG officially launched at 2:00 AM UTC for Android and iOS.

Ever Soul is a strategy RPG that combines strategy, idle battles, and city building, released by Kakao Games. Characters called Souls can be recruited and tested in battle. Each has different stats and skills and can be placed in formations to maximize their effectiveness.

another eden

Eversoul is set in Eden, a distant future Earth where humans no longer exist. Instead, it is inhabited by beings called souls born from magical artifacts.

However, it is not Eden’s paradise, as great threats endanger the existence of souls.

That’s where your Savior comes in. Soul Mephistopheles chooses you and guides you out of your normal life into Eden, guiding your soul to victory against the invading creatures before bringing the end of the world. No pressure or anything.

There are so many characters to meet and so many souls to be friends with. Building good relationships with your troops is important in this game. This may be considered later, as discovering their true names is part of the soul’s purpose and something they should want more than anything else.

trouble in paradise

Eversoul’s launch is not without some issues we reported yesterday. Despite Eversoul’s looming release date, the pre-download contained no data, leaving fans baffled.

We also discovered that one account was linked to a pre-registration reward. This means you can’t reroll unless you want to lose your pre-registration reward. This has disappointed some promising players. We have also summarized the story of Eversoul’s pre-registration rewards in detail!

If you want to check out the game for yourself, head over to the official website.

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