Elon Musk says ‘Hallelujah’ as Twitter stops showing tweet from iPhone or Android devices

Elon Musk’s Twitter has removed the Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android labels from his newly owned social media company. Musk has previously said labels are a waste of screen space and computing power. He said the labels were meaningless and useless. Musk retweeted his Pubity post, writing, “Hallelujah!!”

The Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android labels have resulted in quite a few comical situations over the years. Israeli actress Gal Gadot shot an advertisement for Chinese company Huawei in 2018. Her ad was for a Huawei mobile phone. She posted her ad on her Twitter, which ironically had her tweet labeled “Twitter for iPhone.” This has led several people to create memes about Gal Gadot.

Mr. Musk teases Mr. Bezos

Meanwhile, Elon Musk is using the platform to mock Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. A user called Kim Dotcom wrote, “Elon builds rockets. Jeff copies Elon. Elon builds electric cars. Jeff copies Elon. Elon builds brain-computer links.” Jeff copies Elon… … and Bill copies Steve.” Musk responded to the tweet by saying, “It could be a coincidence.” There are many areas in which Bezos and Musk compete. Some areas where Musk and Bezos compete are:

space exploration: Both Bezos and Musk have companies involved in the space industry. Bezos’ company, Blue Origin, is focused on developing reusable rockets and building a space travel business. Musk’s company, SpaceX, is also focused on developing reusable rockets and has a contract with NASA to deliver cargo and crew to the International Space Station.

self-driving car: Both Bezos and Musk are investing in companies developing autonomous vehicle technology. Bezos has invested in self-driving car company Aurora Innovation, and Musk’s company, Tesla, is known for its electric cars and is working on a fully self-driving car.

solar energy: Both invest in companies involved in the solar energy industry. Bezos has invested in Helion Energy, which works on fusion energy technology, and Musk’s company, SolarCity, is a leading provider of solar panel systems for homes and businesses.

Artificial intelligence: The Amazon founder and Tesla CEO have expressed interest in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and have invested in companies working on AI technology. Bezos has invested in Vicarious, which is working to develop AI systems that can learn and adapt, and Musk’s company, OpenAI, is a major player focused on advancing AI and its potential applications. Research organization.

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