Elon Musk just made bookmarking a tweet a lot easier

The ability to bookmark tweets on Twitter is nothing new. However, the microblogging site is adjusting the placement of bookmarking options in both the Android and iOS Twitter apps shortly after announcing its annual Twitter Blue subscription plan. Here’s how to bookmark important tweets on your smartphone.

How to bookmark tweets on Twitter?

Make sure you’ve updated the Twitter app on your phone. Once the latest update is installed, open the tweet you want to bookmark and look for the bookmark symbol right next to the like button.

Bookmarking tweets is an important feature for those who want to check a specific tweet after a while. Unlike tweet likes, which are available to everyone, bookmarked tweets are only visible to the user who bookmarked them.

While some users are happy with the placement of the bookmarks option, others are not happy with it. Coming soon, you’ll be able to use the original tweeter to see how many bookmarks your posts have received. Elon Musk has admitted that bookmarking a tweet is considered “pretty good” and is reflected in the number of “likes”.

How do I access bookmarked Tweets?

To access your bookmarked Tweets, click your profile picture and access Bookmarks from the menu. This will get all bookmarks. There is currently no option to clear individual bookmarks. however,[すべてのブックマークをクリア]Click the option to clear all Twitter bookmarks at once.

Bookmarked Tweets can be accessed from the main menu.

Note that the web version of Twitter does not allow users to bookmark tweets. However, you can access all your bookmarked tweets even from the web version of Twitter.

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