Efficient Reliable Casino Robots : M Resort Spa Casino

The M Resort Spa Casino in Las Vegas recently introduced an innovative security measure: autonomous security robots. Developed by Knightscope, the K5 autonomous security robot, affectionately dubbed “M-Bot” by resort staff, was deployed to patrol the M Resort logo parking lot and garage.

M-Bot provides a two-way communication system to protect visitors and workers while providing additional eyes and ears for human security teams. Crucially, the robots provide some respite for human security guards who would otherwise have to patrol in the scorching heat of Las Vegas.

Patrick Durkin, vice president of marketing at M Resorts, said the K5 robot is a welcome addition to the security team as it provides guest assistance, peace of mind and safety to the resort’s guests and staff. The introduction of M-Bot is part of the resort’s ongoing efforts to improve the guest experience.

As the hospitality industry continues to adapt to new technologies, we can expect robots like M-Bot to be integrated into hotel and casino security systems to offer guests a unique and engaging experience.

Image Credit: Nightscope

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