Efficient GaN Chargers : gan ii chargers

VisionTek Products LLC, a leading manufacturer of high-performance upgrades and accessories for PCs and Macs, has announced a family of smaller, faster, and more efficient USB-C power adapters with GaN II chargers.

The new VisionTek GaN II power adapter is Gallium Nitride (GaN)-based, offering faster performance than traditional silicon-based chargers and offering multiple ports on a single charging block, eliminating the need for multiple chargers , and uses fewer components, thus reducing size. It generates less heat than iPhone, MacBook and PC chargers and is safer than previous types of chargers.

This new line includes four products ranging from 35W to 100W, all designed to change the way people charge their devices. These products are available now from VisionTek’s website, with prices starting at US$29.99.

Image Credit: VisionTek

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