Efficient Gaming-Focused Laptops : omen 17 2023

HP debuted its OMEN 17 2023 gaming laptop with DDR5 RAM and discrete NVIDIA graphics at CES 2023. This laptop is powered by the industry-leading Intel mobile processor i9-13900HX with a 5.4 GHz turbo clock and 36 MB of his L3 cache.

Since this is a dedicated gaming laptop, HP includes a discrete graphics card from NVIDIA, although the company’s official spec sheet doesn’t specify a GPU option, although this includes the latest Expected to include 40-series mobile GPUs. This laptop features a variety of I/O with Thunderbolt 4 ports for external GPUs, display output connectors for additional screens, and super-speed USB ports for expansion ports and peripherals.

The OMEN 17 2023 is stylish and sustainable with full RGB backlighting on the keyboard and recycled metal keycaps. The rest of the laptop is made with sustainable materials, including post-consumer recycled plastic, ocean plastic, and sustainably sourced fiber cushions.

Image credit: HP

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