Easy-to-Ride Hydrofoil Boards : Awake VINGA 3

The Awake VINGA 3 Electric Hydrofoil Board is a high performance aquatic gear perfect for beginners and experienced riders alike. The unit is constructed with reinforced carbon fiber and foam board and boasts a 95 liter capacity strategically selected to help beginners get up and riding as quickly as possible. Bode boasts a shielded linear jet system with four wings to choose from, and the unit’s top speed is his 31mph.

The Awake VINGA 3 Electric Hydrofoil Board assembles in about 30 seconds and can be comfortably ridden by beginners in just minutes. The remote control board is available for order now starting at $13,900 and is scheduled to ship in April 2023.

Image Credit: Awake Board

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