E3 2023 to happen without a presence from Xbox, Sony, or Nintendo

E3 is usually an event where you can expect the latest from major gaming industry brands like Xbox, Sony and Nintendo, but a recent report from IGN suggests that it won’t take place in 2023. Probably not surprising when it comes to Sony. The company behind PlayStation pulled out of the competition in 2019. It hasn’t existed there since.

For Xbox and Nintendo, however, E3 was still the conduit for upcoming releases and latest creations from both brands. But that doesn’t seem to be the case this year either. Without Xbox, Sony, or Nintendo at the event, E3 2023 may not be as exciting as people expected.

Xbox, Sony, Nintendo won’t be on the E3 2023 show floor

It’s one thing that the convention doesn’t have an official showcase. But not having a show floor presence is something else entirely. Over the past few years, it has become commonplace to hold live streaming events when there is a big announcement. Nintendo has Nintendo Direct, Sony has PlayStation Showcase, and even Xbox is launching its own format of announcement livestream.

However, physical events provide an opportunity to introduce attendees to the latest in gaming. Even if all the announcements aren’t officially part of the convention. Unfortunately for those attending the E3 show scheduled for June, there will be no booths from any of the big three platforms.

Xbox may tailor summer showcase to E3

Xbox may not be officially at the show or even present on the show floor, but it looks like it has some notable announcements. It will be set at E3 at a time “convenient for press and consumers.” Livestreaming seems to happen when the press can more easily cover big news.

As for Sony and Nintendo, there is currently no confirmation as to whether either company plans to have a live stream event at the E3 convention.

It will be the first face-to-face E3 in several years. And that seems to set high hopes for the show to get back into shape.

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