E-commerce giant to offer exceptional payment to fired employees

Photo: IANS

Last week, e-commerce giant Amazon confirmed it would lay off about 18,000 employees. This will impact several teams, most notably Amazon Stores and the People, Experience and Technology (PXT) organization.
In a statement on January 5, 2023, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said the company will reportedly lay off 1,000 workers in India as part of an organization-wide reduction in roles and global headcount reductions. increase.

The company is expected to give the laid-off employee two months’ salary as per contractual obligations, plus an additional two months’ salary, according to sources.

Sources also said the company will pay these laid-off employees special payments based on how long they worked for the company. Times of India (TOI).

However, Amazon did not respond to emailed queries regarding the issue, the TOI report added.

Amazon, on the other hand, has 100,000 employees in India and plans to cut 1,000 jobs, making it 1% of the retailer’s Indian workforce.

Jassy said in November that the company announced a “tough decision” to cut several positions across its devices and books business, as well as some positions in its People, Experience, and Technology (PXT) organization. It said it had announced a voluntary cut-off offer to its employees.

“We generally wait to communicate these results until we are able to speak to those directly affected. We decided it would be better to share this news early so that we can hear the details in person.From January 18th, affected employees (or employee representative bodies, where applicable, in Europe). We will be in touch with you,” Jassy said.

Meanwhile, the Labor Commission in Pune said on January 17 that Amazon had been accused of layoffs in India and in connection with the voluntary retirement program (VSP) introduced by the e-commerce company months ago. summoned Amazon to. The number of people.

In November, the company sent out a memorandum regarding VSPs, which offer eligible employees the opportunity to voluntarily leave the company in exchange for VSP benefits. VSP reportedly required him to submit via smart forms between November 16 and he had 30 days. Hey.

“Pursuant to the VSP, eligible employees will have the opportunity to voluntarily leave the company in exchange for VSP benefits. Please remember that it must be received via smart form by 6:30am Indian Standard Time,” the company said in a note to employees.

VSP includes a severance payment equivalent to 22 weeks of base salary plus 1 week of base salary for every 6 months of service (rounded to the nearest 6 months) for up to 20 weeks of retirement will be paid, plus medical insurance.Reported for 6 months based on policy benefit policy or equivalent premium amount Hey.

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