Dual-Core Water Purifiers : Dual-Core Water Purifiers

VIomi has announced a new dual-core water purifier called Super 2 Max Water Purifier with a high-throughput design. The water purifier has 12000G dual-core, initial flow rate up to 2.96L/min. The water purifier can fill a 150ml cup in 3 seconds.

The Viomi Super 2 Max Water Purifier has a dark and sharp design with 6 layers of microfiltration technology to provide safe drinking water. The water purifier contains a high-pressure foaming chamber that kills bacteria and removes pesticide residues from the water. It also uses a powerful concentrated flushing technology that eliminates odors while maintaining sufficient water volume. Specifically, the water purifier utilizes non-woven PP protection to stop the accumulation of contaminated water and remove 99.8% of metal particles. Additionally, consumers can see smart screens that display water quality. The water purifier is available at RMB for $4,999.

Image Credit: Viomi

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