Drinking Water from the Air! Science Fiction or ?

Noosaville, Queensland, 12 January 2023 (Issuewire.com) – AirQua is a newly formed company founded by two prominent Noosa area locals with a mission to provide a healthier, more sustainable and affordable source of drinking water.

At the heart of their new business is an exciting technology that provides clean drinking water free from the air around us. It eliminates the need for plastic bottles and is as convenient as turning on the faucet, but better for you.

“AWG will provide better drinking water for both people and the planet,” said co-founder Rex Halverson, former chairman of the Noosa Biosphere Conservation Fund. “It’s safer, more sustainable, easier to use, and saves you money on store-bought or water services.”

“Getting water from the air, or ‘water harvesting’ is an age-old practice, and our solutions are enhanced with advanced techniques to increase production and purify this water to modern health standards. . Think of it as a dehumidifier with a state-of-the-art water filtration system. This means you can enjoy pure, sweet-tasting water for free, as conveniently as your faucet, rather than just pouring. No need to buy or lift bottles. ”

Airqua AWG models range from 15 liters to 500 liters per day, with the most popular floor standing 30 liter unit roughly the size of a water cooler. They work by drawing air across an internal condenser and collecting water before filtering it through a multi-stage filtration system. The water is recirculated between his two internal storage tanks with UV sterilization and is clean, fresh and ready to dispense at the push of a button.

Rex teamed up with Jon Rowe of Savemi Digital Marketing in Noosaville. Jon has been integral to many new business launches and has extensive experience in marketing technology brands. It was John who came up with the name of the company, AirQua (think “Agua”) to enhance water from the concept of air.

The floods in Pakistan in 2022 inspired Jon to join this project.

“These floods were a wake-up call. Millions of people were displaced from their homes without access to clean drinking water, which was ubiquitous. and security facing similar challenges Certainly we can do a lot more to provide a solution and AWGs can make a real difference I’ve checked as many boxes as I can.

Atmospheric water generators (AWGs) have been used around the world for many years, but their availability and benefits are not widely known, even though one of the pioneers in the industry is Australian.

“After hearing about this concept, we spent months researching various designs and sources around the world, ultimately discovering that we had the perfect solution for our very own backyard. So we created Airqua to make these more readily available to the Noosa community,” John shared.

For more information, please contact:

Rex Halverson

Director and Co-Founder – Airqua

040 0006 516



John Rowe

Director and Co-Founder – Airqua

040 7556 669


media contact

air aqua


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