Doctory & Bareeq Partner to support people affected by the Turkey earthquake

Dubai, United Arab Emirates March 9, 2023 ( – The Doctory team, a leading healthcare technology company, is proud to announce its outreach to those affected by the recent earthquake in Turkey. The team mobilized resources to provide medical assistance and assistance to victims of the disaster.

Since the earthquake, the Doctory team has been working around the clock to help victims. The team planned and set up temporary medical camps staffed by medical professionals in the affected areas. The team also provided the camp with critical medical supplies and equipment to ensure victims received the care they needed. We are waiting for local regulators to take action.

Osama Chamsi Pasha, COO of Doctory, said: “As a healthcare technology company, we feel a responsibility to use our resources and expertise to help those in need. Our team works tirelessly to provide medical assistance and support to victims. Efforts are being made and will continue as long as they last, and we need to help affected communities recover.”

In addition to its outreach efforts on the ground, the Doctory team has partnered with Bareeq Education & Development (a non-profit organization) to assist victims. We visited and assisted at more than five of his camps around the affected areas, providing needed tents, blankets, food and hygiene kits to help. This campaign will continue to provide much-needed resources to victims and their families.

Roula Alajeh, Founder and President of Bareeq, said: “Even the smallest contribution can make a big difference in the lives of those affected by this disaster.”

To learn more about what the Bareeq team does and how you can help, visit

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Doctory is a regional healthcare technology company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with a mission to contribute to improving the quality of care in the region. For more information, please visit

About Barek

Bareeq Education & Development is a non-profit organization founded in Jordan in 2015 that provides remedial education and hope for displaced children and their mothers. In early 2016, Bareeq opened a dedicated center in Amman, serving over 400 students and completely free of charge for students. In addition to offering specific courses and programs, it is a community her workspace for children and their parents to learn, collaborate and grow.

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