Digital Activewear Apparel : alo yoga 1

Activewear and lifestyle brand Alo Yoga has launched a new digital wearable collection across multiple metaverses and social media platforms. This digital clothing line was born out of a partnership with Sawhorse Interactive. The two previously worked together to develop his Alo Yoga sanctuary on Roblox. This collection was created to give you one dress of his that can be worn on multiple devices, even though each platform is loaded with different technologies.

This collection acts as a bridge between the worlds of physical and digital fashion and serves as a demonstration of the capabilities of the Web3 project.

“Web3 is fast becoming the future of fashion and wellness, and Alo wants to meet our community where they live their daily lives,” said co-founder and co-CEO of Alo Yoga. says Danny Harris.

Image credit: Alo Yoga, hypebae, aloyoga

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