Detecting a GPS Tracker on Your Smartphone

Advances in technology have made it possible to detect the location of the device owner in seconds. When spyware enters your phone, it starts working without your knowledge. You take your phone with you wherever you go, so jealous partners, peeping bosses, and hackers can easily track your location. Most GPS tracking apps are made to track the location of family members. However, it can be used by hackers to track victims. As technology advances, it creates sophisticated hacking applications that are harder to detect. You can see how to track a phone by SIM card.

With the exception of accurate GPS tracking apps, there are others that can be launched from other devices. After downloading the application, you will be asked to allow access to some data, including your location. In most cases you have three options. Allow, disallow, or allow use while using the app. As soon as you start using the application, hackers will soon receive a message with exact details of your location. People are often unaware that their phones are being tracked. In this way they can fall into the trap of evil people. Therefore, we highly recommend that you check your phone regularly to make sure that no one is using your data for illegal activities.

How to detect GPS tracker?

There are three main ways to find out if your phone is being tracked.

  • Check all the apps installed on your smartphone. If someone tries to operate GPS tracking on your phone, you can easily find the app.The app will be labeled as GPS Tracker. Parents primarily use this kind of tracker to locate their children. However, hacking someone else’s phone may be considered illegal if the parent is not trying to locate their child. So think twice before invading someone else’s privacy, whether it’s your partner, wife, or husband.
  • However, some apps are camouflaged, making it difficult to track which apps running on your system include GPS tracking. Therefore, if you come across an application that seems suspicious, it is recommended to remove it immediately. In the settings you can also find the set of permissions each application uses while working on your device.
  • Finally, there are anti-malware tracking apps that make it easy to find out which apps are using your data for tracking purposes. Specially designed.

how to stop phone tracking

If you find a GPS tracking app on your device, we recommend following the steps below.

  • Power off your smartphone. However, in some cases, keeping the battery running may not help. If possible, the batteries should be removed. Unfortunately, some phones are sealed and cannot be removed.
  • A second battery always maintains the data and time even if the battery is removed. Wrap your phone in several layers of aluminum foil to prevent data transmission.

To check if other applications are using your location for hacking,[設定]->[プライバシー]->[位置情報サービス]Go to. This way you can see all the apps that have access to your phone’s location. You can always change these settings if you find anything suspicious or unusual. Allow other applications to access your data only when they need it.


GPS phone tracking is a common hacking activity these days. Unfortunately, very few people are aware of the threat this can pose. Parents today use many GPS tracking apps to detect their child’s location. However, many are used illegally for some purpose. There are not only specially designed applications that can be installed on mobile phones and easily detected, but also those that are camouflaged. The latter ones are very difficult to find and remove. So, if you come across something suspicious or your phone is behaving strangely, you should perform diagnostics. Hackers may have access to more information than just your location. Therefore, the sooner you catch a hack, the easier it will be to prevent further infections.

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