Deposco launches end-to-end omnichannel planning and fulfillment software platform

Atlanta, GA March 21, 2023 ( – Deposco, an omnichannel fulfillment supply chain solutions platform for brand owners, retailers, e-commerce, and 3PL companies, has launched the industry’s first truly comprehensive supply chain solution, providing end-to-end process ( Plan, procure, order, fulfill and return – from single packages to complete pallets across B2B and DTC channels.

A cohesive solution for supply chain planning (SCP) and fulfillment that enables companies to replace inefficient manual processes with instant recommendations and automated workflows that remove blind spots between supply chain operations. increase. The solution helps the customer reduce maintenance costs, reduce labor challenges, increase sales, and be more proactive and profitable by approaching inventory as her one entity at every touchpoint. is designed to allow

“Creating value to fund growth in volatile B2B and DTC markets has become a costly game. , staff and slow growth initiatives,” said CEO Bill Gibson. of Deposco. “Rather than building inventory as a defensive response to ongoing change and disruption, we provide a unified platform that gives customers the information they need to put the right product in the right place at the right time and at the right cost. I am happy to be able to do it.”

Deposco’s Bright Suite omnichannel platform is the first of its kind to integrate demand planning, supply planning and order fulfillment through a single view of demand for real-time physical inventory execution anywhere. The platform needs to scale growth and improve the omnichannel experience, but has the right tools to make timely and optimal decisions within the full context of financial, operational and service impact. Designed for unlicensed B2B and DTC brands.

Deposco’s one-of-a-kind omnichannel planning and fulfillment solution combines up-to-date inventory data, automated demand planning insights, efficient operational workflows, and robust reporting across channels to future-proof your technology. with the flexibility to adapt and extend the Key benefits include:

  • Coordinated Decisions: Align supply and demand end-to-end across planning and operations to meet rapidly evolving change, improving cash-to-cash cycles and inventory acquisition/storage costs.
  • Better forecast accuracy: Improve product availability. efficient processes; measurable predictive performance and improvement.
  • Dynamically optimized inventory: The right inventory in the right place. Time series inventory investment. Automated safety stock policies improve market agility, inventory turns and GMROI.
  • Automated Supply Planning: Efficient purchase order generation and real-time tracking of ASNs and receipts make replenishment, purchasing, and supplier management fast and easy.

Bruce Bickford, Senior Director of Supply Chain Management, RestorixHealth, said: AMT. “This solution, now an end-to-end platform, has transformed the way we operate. The implementation process was smooth and Deposco is a trusted partner for us.”

“No other partner offers this level of real-time inventory visibility (or actionable insight), cross-functional collaboration and efficiency, and agile decision-making,” says Gibson. The addition of SCP is our mission to position the company to scale current growth while establishing resilience, improved profitability and speed of value realization that can be used to fund future growth. support. ”

Now available as a bundle to existing Deposco customers, SCP completes Deposco’s Bright Suite of cloud-based omnichannel fulfillment applications. Fastest time to value in the industry.

Learn more about Deposco’s end-to-end omnichannel planning and fulfillment software.

About Deposco

Deposco’s Bright Suite omnichannel fulfillment supply chain applications are a way for fast-growing companies to rapidly expand their warehouse and order management operations. So when it’s Grow Time™, you can see what inventory you have, where it’s located, and where it can be placed to meet demand. It’s the only solution that offers so many actionable insights for both your supply chain and the wider market. Streamline into one solution, one focus, one team.

That’s why over 3,000 of the world’s fastest growing e-commerce and DTC businesses rely on Deposco. Supporting over $10 billion in annual sales and more than 51 million of his consumer orders. Last year, total shipments he increased by 78%. Deposco. one solution. 1 team. one focus. #ItsGrowTime™.

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