Delta Dental Mobile Program provides dental care to children in need

Sioux Falls, South Dakota (Dakota News Now) – For many families in South Dakota, dental care is something they can’t afford. Delta Dental mobile programs travel statewide to bring healthy smiles to children’s faces.

Delta Dental recognized a special need in the state in 2004.

“We believe that children have had a specific need for not having access to dental care when they need it, so we believe that with such access issues, improving oral health is part of our mission. Dentists Where People Are, said Mike Mueller of Delta Dental, South Dakota.

The Delta Dental mobile program has two trucks, The Molar mobile 1 and 2, that travel statewide to provide oral care services to children in need.

“The range of services is therefore diagnostic care such as examinations and x-rays, preventive care such as tooth cleanings and dental sealants, and restorative care such as fillings and crowns for cavities and tooth extractions,” Mike explained.

This program impacts families and children in many ways.

“Pain makes it really hard to concentrate in school. You may even have behavioral problems because you’re in pain all the time. Going to the dentist isn’t always fun, but we Patients suddenly smile because the treatment we provide takes them out of their pain,” Mike told us.

Since its inception, the Delta Dental Mobile Program has served more than 50,000 children in 89 cities throughout South Dakota.

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