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Apple announced the HomePod (2nd generation) earlier this month. HomePod (2nd Gen) is a powerful smart speaker that delivers next-level acoustics in a gorgeous, iconic design. Packed with Apple innovations and Siri intelligence, HomePod offers advanced computational audio for groundbreaking listening experiences, including support for immersive spatial audio tracks.

HomePod (2nd Gen) features a gorgeous design with seamless, acoustically transparent mesh fabric and a backlit touch surface.

A convenient new way to manage daily tasks and control your smart home, users can use Siri to create smart home automations to notify you when smoke or carbon monoxide alarms are detected in your home , you can now check the room temperature and humidity all by hand. -freedom.


The updated HomePod looks a lot like its discontinued predecessor, and sounds similar. I tested the new HomePods as a single unit, grouped as a stereo pair, and tested in a room of about 370 square feet. For most tracks, just keeping the volume at 30% was enough to fill the space.

Looking at spec sheets comparing the old and new HomePods can be a headache. The newer ones have faster processors, fewer built-in microphones and speakers, and support for older Wi-Fi standards. But personally, the new HomePod sounds and performs just like the original.

Audio is delivered across genres compared to the Mini, or its standard-sized Amazon Echo or Google Nest competitors. Fidelity is on par with the more expensive $399 Sonos Move (which… doesn’t act as a smarthome hub).

Grouping two HomePods as a left-right stereo pair makes the sound twice as impressive. I especially enjoyed the Apple Music tracks labeled “lossless”…

For most rooms, such as bedrooms and kitchens, the Mini will suffice. The new HomePod is for those looking to fill a much larger space with high-fidelity audio.

MacDailyNews takes: If sound quality is your primary consideration, choose HomePod over HomePod mini.

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