Customizable Wireless Computer Mice : 710 rechargeable silent

At CES 2023, HP unveiled the 710 Rechargeable Silent Mouse, a mouse that maximizes productivity for work and play. The 710 has six customizable buttons that can be set to any function on your desktop, or any command in your video game. Additionally, the mouse is combined with HP’s “Accessory Center” application to maximize the potential of these buttons, allowing users to set more complex hotkeys for each button.

The mouse connects to your computer via a wired USB-A connection, or via a 2.4 GHz dongle or full Bluetooth 5.3 built into the mouse itself. This gives you various setup and computer compatibility options. One of the 710’s biggest draws is battery life. HP claims the mouse can last up to 90 days before needing a charge, but that depends on how long the mouse is on and how often you use it.

HP is committed to sustainability, using approximately 60% post-consumer recycled plastic in each 710 mouse and fully recyclable cardboard packaging.

Image credit: HP

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