Customer Focus: how the up-and-coming AENO brand is changing the user experience

London, United Kingdom, January 14, 2023 ( – Since entering the market, AENO, an international brand of smart home appliances, has set the goal of creating a comfortable and easy-to-understand interaction for customers at every stage, from advertising messages to how-to/instructions. A number of business processes have been implemented and improved for this purpose.

AENO Marketing Director Natalia Grishina said: “Customer demands are shaped according to many factors. Regardless of what the customer wants, we strive to make the choice as easy as possible: the simplicity of online searching, the point of sale provide consulting capabilities, feedback, and services, all to the highest brand standards.”

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A clear understanding of who we are and what we stand for is above all a general understanding of who we are and what we stand for. Based on a series of strategy sessions, the brand’s mission, goals and values ​​were understood and clarified, and further development vectors were outlined.

“Our mission is to liberate people from their daily routines and make their homes a realm of freedom, safety and health. With the development of digital technology, the increasing demand for remote control devices and the necessary factors for household management, Voice assistants will inspire the implementation of smart technology.Smart in every sense is what modern users need.Think ahead and use the future today to move forward and set trends. Elena Krochak, Business Development Director AENO, commented: Rising consumer expectations, changing lifestyles and demands are driving the growth of brands and product lines. development will be further encouraged.”

AENO also undertakes in-depth studies of consumer experience to create products that adapt to change and ensure that the product line remains relevant in the changing ecosystem.

Additional consumer preferences are also revealed. For example, trends in conscious consumption or preferences for brands committed to the concept of sustainable development. AENO reduces hard copy instructions to digital and uses 100% plastic-free eco-his packaging to provide recycled packaging materials that are reused.

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AENO organizes the entire customer service and defines customer focus as one of its key values. A good example is the organization of the work on requests for device diagnostics, which began in mid-2022. Customers can order the device directly online on her website and have it shipped to an authorized service center. If a fault is detected, the customer receives a fault report and can order the same new device at the POS. The company will then carefully consider the claim. This approach has contributed to changing the characteristics of some products to meet customer needs.

In addition to technical support and warranty services, AENO has also set up a department to monitor consumer reviews and opinions about products on various sites. Based on data collection, aspects of possible product improvement are identified. Social listening helps brand teams research industry trends and current consumer needs to develop and innovate product lines, improve customer experience and expand opportunities.

In addition, customer surveys are conducted regularly to define the NPS (Net Promoter Score) and CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index).

“It’s now a full-fledged management of the customer experience, not the service department. Collecting analytics data from all sources allows us to see the big picture and identify key and priority areas for change. Feedback We not only collect but analyze all requests and changes according to customer expectations.We not only solve the problems pointed out, but also find out the causes of non-conformities and eliminate the root causes.In fact, the whole company is on a cycle of continuous improvement,” commented Tatyana Domme, AENO Customer Care Director.


Consumer behavior research and market trends allow AENO to adjust plans according to economic needs. In particular, in 2022 the brand introduced a premium ECO smart heater in response to market demand created in connection with the European energy crisis. This smart heater consists of a combination of infrared and convection technology. This allows consumers to save up to 50% on their electricity bills throughout the heating period.

Changes in economic conditions adjust plans, but not approaches. Customers are always the center of attention, and they are the ones who help the brand to grow. By building business processes based on this concept, we can increase NPS and improve satisfaction with the review process for complaints and applications. , we have achieved results such as an increase in repeat purchases from customers. All of this keeps us on the right track and opens new horizons for growth.

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