Crypto platform launches OTC Desk service with over 2000 cryptocurrencies available and 0% commission, Europe’s premium cryptocurrency investment platform, has launched the new Tradesilvania OTC Desk (Over the Counter) service, available to all users across Europe.

London, United Kingdom, March 2, 2023 ( –, the European premium cryptocurrency investment platform, has launched the new Tradesilvania OTC Desk (Over the Counter) service. The service is available to all users across Europe and provides access to trade over 2000 cryptocurrencies with 0% commission through multi-currency parity ( EUR/USD/RON), 30,000 Through minimum transactions in euros or equivalent.

Tradesilvania OTC is a private, public and developing cryptocurrency initiative with 64 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, MultiversX (Elrond), Cardano and USDT, plus 144 active parities available on the SPOT platform. Promote user investment in

With a unique European approach, the new service limits the risks associated with trading on centralized platforms for users by confirming prices and facilitating subsequent settlements. This is also possible for off-platform addresses and wallets. This feature streamlines the trading process through immediate access to market opportunities, reduced trading times, and direct impact on settlement risk and more. Tradesilvania OTC takes 100% risk with 0% commission. therefore offers the investor community the opportunity to invest in private, public and developing cryptocurrency initiatives at attractive prices.

Safety and security measures implemented at the platform level include an internal regulatory framework that exceeds industry standards, continuous audits, and up to USD 30 million in financial insurance. At the user level, multi-factor authentication and cold storage availability are just two of his avenues provided by the platform.

“Investing in the development of a complete OTC Desk solution was a natural step for us and has resulted from the use of this service by institutional investors and forward-thinking business clients. crypto investorCiprian Dobrescu, CEO of, said:

The OTC service allows users to settle Crypto-FIAT transactions at exclusive preferential rates and redeem relevant amounts without leaving the platform, including proprietary fiat currency ramp-on and ramp-off services via FAST SEPA, SWIFT, and SEND. You can deposit/withdraw. Therefore, a user can fund a Tradesilvania account for settlement in her EURO/USD/RON via IBAN after executing her OTC trades.

The launch of the new Tradesilvania OTC crypto service marks a new stage in the development of the platform and an important step for the ecosystem of modern, personalized crypto financial services dedicated to crypto investors.

To meet the needs of clients desiring professional support, Tradesilvania offers an OTC business division at, where investors can get in touch with a specialist dedicated to their account. increase.

Tradesilvania’s premium trading platform offers access to 64 currencies/144 SPOT trading pairs, an OTC service with over 2000 cryptocurrencies available, a secure e-wallet, and an IOS/Android mobile app to access your crypto portfolio anytime, anywhere. Offers.

Tradesylvania OTC; (+4) 031 631 3186
Address: 176 Constantin Brâncusi Street, 3rd floor, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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