COVID New Variant Bf.7: 5 gadgets to keep you safe and monitor health

A variant of COVID Bf.7 is spreading and you can use these gadgets to keep yourself safe. Here are all the details.

A variant of COVID Bf.7 has spread around the world after a deadly confrontation in China, and India has also seen some new cases recently. The effects of the virus over the past few years have been terrifying, and you may want to know how to protect yourself from this virus before cases can spike. plays a big role. There are several gadgets on the market that can help you sanitize your surroundings and monitor your health.

Please note that these products are readily available at most e-commerce websites and local stores near you. Check out these gadgets that can help you protect yourself from this virus.

5 gadgets to protect yourself from the COVID virus

Pulse Oximeter

A pulse oximeter is a great way to keep looking for COVID symptoms. Use this little gadget to monitor your blood oxygen saturation, which drops when infected with the COVID virus. You can easily buy it for less than 1000 yen. 1500.

UV light sanitizer box

If you’re worried about the COVID virus present in your smartphone or other accessories, you can buy a UV light disinfection box. The UV rays inside can kill germs and bacteria present on surfaces and some even use ozone to do their job. 599, although the good ones cost Rs. 4000.

UV sanitizer stick

Cost less than Rs. 3000, this gadget allows you to wash items and clothes with UV light. They look like sticks with UV rays coming out of one end. Please do not look directly at it.

infrared thermometer

This is another nifty gadget to keep an eye on people around you who are showing symptoms of fever. This allows you to check for hyperthermia without physical contact. Mostly cost around rupees. year 2000.

automatic sanitizer spray

These are very expensive and start at Rs. 2500, but essential to maintaining a hands-free approach to sanitization. Install it near the front door of your home and ask guests or family members to quickly sanitize it before they enter.

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