Corbett Software Office 365 Backup Tool Has Come With New Features

Corbett Software recently upgraded the functionality of their Office 365 backup tool. Newly added features offer a multitude of options along with Office 365 email backups, attachments, contacts, phone numbers, and more.

Ramnagar, Uttarakhand January 11, 2023 ( – Corbett Software Office 365 backup tool is a great solution for users who want to protect their important data and maintain its integrity over time. As an experienced professional, I can attest to its effectiveness in ensuring reliable backups that can be easily restored. By leveraging advanced encryption algorithms along with advanced compression techniques, information can be stored securely without taking up too much space. Moreover, the intuitive interface makes the tool very easy to manage even for non-technical users. It’s no surprise that this product is very popular among businesses looking for a reliable enterprise-level backup solution.

New features in this Office 365 backup tool include:

1. Multiple preview modes like content, message headers, raw message, When Hexagonal view.

2. Back up your Office 365 emails file formats, document formats, email services, When email client.

3. Multiple O365 accounts Attachments can be backed up at once.

Four. Select file When folder You can easily back up with this Office 365 backup tool.

Five. Advanced Office 365 backup export options Backup emails are also provided before.

The Office 365 Backup Tool is a third party software solution developed by a well-known vendor. This tool is specially designed for all personal, business and enterprise users. Multiple companies needed a one-time investment solution to back up multiple Office 365 accounts.

This tool has a powerful combination of technologies, the IMAP server and IMAP port number are automatically detected by the search option of this tool. In addition to Office 365 backup, this tool provides full access to batch backup and migration, extract attachments, extract phone numbers, extract email addresses, extract contact photos.

corbett software has released low-cost Office 365 backup software with attractive all-in-one features and multiple advanced filtering options. This allows all kinds of businesses and businesses to back up their Office 365 account data with full mailbox data.

A DPD (Director of Product Development) indicates that good research should be done before designing and developing a tool so that users can get better results with minimal investment. Moreover, providing a reliable and secure solution is one of our obligations.

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