Cop in Tasmania denies that Apple’s Crash Detection helped police arrive quickly at accident site

On the Australian island of Tasmania, a Ford Ranger pulling a horse float crashed into a tree stump, triggering the iPhone 14’s crash detection feature and allowing police to arrive at the accident scene in eight minutes. Thanks to the swift arrival of police, all five of her crew members, aged 14 to her 20, were taken to Launceston General Hospital. One of the injured has already been released.

As reported by ABC Australia unfortunately had 2 of its 4 horses in transit die in an accident and the other 2 were euthanized at the crash site. Police attributed the accident to driver fatigue. The accident happened at 1:45 am on Monday.

Crash detection is available on iPhone 14 series, Apple Watch 8, Apple Watch SE (2nd generation), and Apple Watch Ultra.

The Apple Crash Detection feature is available on the iPhone 14 series (latest version of iOS) and Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE (2nd generation), and Apple Watch Ultra (running the latest version of watchOS). Crash Detection uses sensors and algorithms to detect when your sedan, minivan, SUV, pickup truck, or any other vehicle you’re in has been in an accident.

When an accident is detected, your iPhone and Apple Watch will sound an alarm and display a message on the screen. If you only have a phone, a slider will appear on the display to quickly call emergency services. If you have both an iPhone and an Apple Watch, the slider will only appear on your watch and your audio will pass through your Apple Watch when you call emergency services.

In the event of an accident, you have 20 seconds to decide whether to dismiss the alert or call emergency services. If you don’t answer (or can’t answer) within 20 seconds, your phone will automatically dial and message the emergency contacts you’ve added to your device. This message will include your current location and notify the recipient that you have been in a serious car accident.

If you’ve set up Medical ID, another slider will appear on your screen, allowing paramedics and first responders to access your medical history. To set up a Medical ID, check Apple’s support page. Tap this link.

Tasmanian police inspector praises police’s quick response

All four horses towed by the Ford Ranger died, but four passengers and the truck driver survived. You might think that his Crash Detection feature from Apple is the star here. Ensure that the police arrive quickly at the scene of the accident so that the injured receive medical assistance quickly enough to save their lives. However, Tasmanian Police Inspector Ruth Orr said police were “in the area on unrelated matters” and arrived within minutes.

Still, inspector Orr had to praise Crash Detection, admitting that “…if people were knocked unconscious in a crash like this, they would definitely call the police right away.”

Crash detectors have a habit of reporting rapid movements not related to crashes

One of the drawbacks of A feature of Apple Crash Detection is that it can be triggered by sudden movements unrelated to car crashes. for example, Alarms are known to go off when skiers ski down the slopes with an iPhone 14 series model in their pocket or wearing one of the three Apple Watch models that support crash detection.yes If you’re on a fairly intense roller coaster ride, don’t be surprised to be greeted by a paramedic or police officer who may not be happy to have been warned of a phantom accident.
Still, crash detection is one feature I don’t think about until I need it. And I’m really happy it’s there. Also, Pixel users with Pixel 3 and newer have a similar feature, though it must be enabled on some models.To do this, go to safety app > Configuration > car crash detection.[検出とアラート]so[アプリの使用中に許可する]Tap. When asked to share a mic and physical activity,[許可]Tap.

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