Contlo unveils Brand AI Model™ to empower modern businesses with contextual Generative AI marketing capabilities

Contlo’s Brand AI Model™ enables businesses to coordinate all marketing efforts using brand-specific AI models by contextually generating personalized marketing creatives, including emails, images, copy, and more can.

Newark, Delaware, March 23, 2023 ( – Contlo, a leading AI marketing platform based in Delaware, announced the launch of Brand AI Model™. First-of-its-kind, Brand AI Model™ enables businesses to build their own customizable generative AI models underpinned by their own brand personality. Self-learning AI models enable businesses to deploy highly personalized marketing efforts across customer touchpoints.

To set up the Brand AI Model™, companies provide a combination of inputs such as brand story, identity, design language, tonality, and aesthetic attributes that describe the brand. AI models deeply understand brands to create personalized marketing strategies and activities, including creative generation, generative customer journeys, autonomous segments and campaigns.

Trained on a data set of hundreds of millions of brands and customer interactions, The Brand AI Model™ continues to learn more about brands while closely analyzing marketing performance. The Brand AI Model™ leverages deep learning and foundational models to create a flywheel for learning through self-improvement feedback loops and continuously improving marketing efforts and results.

Within minutes of training the Brand AI Model™, marketers can generate brand-consistent email, SMS, and WhatsApp campaigns. Businesses leverage the Brand AI Model™ to generate impactful email subject lines, preheaders and emails to increase CTR and open rates, while engaging customers more effectively with auto-generated SMS and WhatsApp texts. can be retargeted.

“Marketing automation as we know it today has failed to live up to its promise. We are disrupting the marketing automation space by creating a new category of auto-generated marketing,” Co-Founder and CEO Ishaan Bhola said.

By introducing the Brand AI Model™ into the marketing stack, businesses will be able to autonomously create segments and campaigns.

A true reimagining of the phrase “Segment of One,” Contlo’s Brand AI Model™ introduces generative customer journeys for the first time. The platform generates self-creative customer journeys, automatically schedules email and his SMS campaigns based on dynamic user actions, runs automated experiments to identify winning creatives, It can be copied in real time.

Launched just a few weeks ago, Contlo’s AI Marketer™ is another innovation powered by the Brand AI Model™. A conversational user interface allows users to enter commands in plain English. A marketer can ask for marketing analytics, generate creative and marketing copy, and launch his omnichannel marketing campaigns in seconds by simply chatting with the AI. For example, if you type ‘send a rich email campaign for new sneaker launches’, AI marketers will add brand-specific images, CTAs, email copy, and preheaders before sending an optimized email campaign. to generate About existing data.

On the future of AI marketing, “At Contlo, we are building the world’s leading marketing AGI company by creating breakthroughs in fundamentally important AI technology. We believe it will be powered by our brand AI model, enabling a future that democratizes AI for marketing.”

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Contlo is an AI-native marketing platform for fast-growing businesses to perform end-to-end marketing using unique generative AI models to drive customer retention through personalized campaigns and automated generative journeys. .

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