Connected Menstruation Products : smart menstrual cup

The Emm Smart Menstrual Cup is a connected take on menstrual products that helps women gather pertinent insights related to reproductive health.

A menstrual cup is a medical grade silicone structure integrated with a series of biosensors to capture data on flow, volume, regularity and cycle length. This information is relayed to the user’s smartphone, providing a range of indicators for conditions such as endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome, which are difficult to diagnose. The cup comes with a portable sanitizing case that uses a UV light to clean between uses.

CEO Jenny Button shares the inspiration for the Emm smart menstrual cup: “It’s still very uncomfortable, there’s a massive landfill problem globally, and it’s not sustainable. A menstruating person thought she wouldn’t be using these products in 20 years. .”

Image Credit: Emm

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