Concepta Technologies Has Published New Open-Source Projects on Github

We are ramping up our commitment to open source. With four innovative open source projects published on his GitHub, advocacy and support for innovative open source development is now a core part of what we do.

ORLANDO, Fla. ( January 4, 2023 – As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting innovative open source development, Concepta Technologies recently published four projects on GitHub: A Scalable Enterprise Development Platform (Rockets), A Design System API for Flutter (Mix). , a desktop interface that supports the Flutter version control tool (FVM) and a more rewarding Flutter development experience (Sidekick). These projects not only facilitate development, but also demonstrate Concepta’s commitment to growing the open source community.

“We have always believed that open source brings efficiencies in testing, validating, and developing innovative new technologies. With these four projects, we want to do our part to contribute to this growth. We believe,” said CEO Leo Farias.

Concepta’s open source project is primarily built on Flutter. We see Flutter as a key tool in enabling the unified, multi-platform future we envision. “Flutter has already opened the door to amazing new possibilities in mobile and his web development,” said Leo. “Currently, this technology is being tested on Toyota, Nest Hub, Apple TV, Samsung and even he Apple Watch. We want to contribute to this amazing potential by sharing our open source code with the community. I have.”

For more information on Rockets, Mix, FVM and Sidekick, visit Concepta’s open source web page or direct GitHub links.

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